Miley’s New Album Bangerz Hits The Top Of The Charts

By Joel Olfert

In her attempt at becoming her own person she matches wildly popular new look with her wildly popular new album Bangerz. This critically acclaimed album debuted at number 1 on the billboard top 200 as well as number 1 on iTunes in over 70 countries, including Canada. In addition this album contains the number 2 hit single We Cant Stop and her number one single Wrecking Ball. “Bangerz shows an authentic time in my life and not who people want me to be” says Miley Cyrus in an interview from VHD.
Miley’s notoriety through her explicit music videos and VMA performance have brought huge amounts of attention to her name and music. Concurrent with her album release, she hosted Saturday Night Live and has done countless interviews such as the Today Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Ellen. As if all this attention is not enough to boost her new album to the top, she is also gaining critical acclaim and approval from her fans. Nick Catucci from Entertainment Weekly writes, “”utterly fresh, a pop blitz from a hip-hop blueprint, and proof that Miley won’t settle for just shocking us.” This isn’t far off from what other critics are saying as she is getting plenty of positive feedback from critics and fans alike.
A world-renowned entertainer in TV, film and music has once again enticed her fans with the new album Bangerz. As obsession with Miley continues there is no doubt we will be watching the artistic direction this and future albums take her.


One response to “Miley’s New Album Bangerz Hits The Top Of The Charts

  1. As someone who does not follow the music charts, or even listen to any radio or “mainstream” music (I first heard Wrecking Ball when Miley performed on SNL), it was interesting to read even just a little bit about not only Miley Cyrus, but a discussion on popular music demonstrated through the current chart-topper.

    I liked that rather than just talk about how great of a singer she is, you presented examples of her recent performances and interviews, as well as some controversy, to demonstrate her success. One complaint I might have would be to go more in-depth with this discussion. I would like to hear some broader, more opinionated discussion on her work, such as some criticism.

    The article, though interesting, was quite small. Of course, the size is not necessarily significant, but because of its length, it seemed a little thin. I enjoyed reading your presentation of Miley’s work, but I wonder if it would have been possible to discuss the reasons behind her success? Or could you have provided examples and arguments for why she does or doesn’t deserve it?

    Maybe this wasn’t your intention, but it would have provided a number of new levels to an already strong piece.

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